Marketing Your Home

If it’s been a while since you have sold a home, you will be amazed at the rapidly changing ways in which buyers come to find and fall in love with your property.

Before you decide to list your home with us we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with and understand every stage of the home sales process. We’re here for you through pre-marketing, marketing and showing, contract negotiation, inspections, appraisals, possible buyer financing options, title searches and closings. Our goal is to educate you on what to expect, from day one through your big closing day, so you’ll feel confident and comfortable throughout the journey.

During the listing period you’ll be able to reach us quickly and easily and we’ll be right there with you. Many sellers are surprised to find out that although marketing and exposure of their home are a big part of the home selling process, there are many others items on the home sales checklist. At Aero City Realty we’re here to help you. We have many years of experience as trusted real estate advisers. When your house sells we hope you will consider us your friends. We want to stay in touch even after your transaction is complete, as many of our past clients do.

Social Media

We love the magic of social media. Word of mouth is the most powerful sales tool. Everyone wants to feel they are “in the know” and all of your friends will be abuzz about your home on social media the minute your property hits the market. (For a sample check us out on Facebook)

Think about viral videos you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter. One person shares a post with their friends and before you know it everyone is talking about it. As an example, is there anyone who hasn’t seen the video of the cat riding a Roomba? That’s the power of social media.

Seriously though- when we get YOUR friends, THEIR friends and OUR friends talking about your home on social media, word travels fast. Our company research shows that social media is the most powerful form of advertising we can do for our sellers, so we devote time and ad dollars to ensuring that we reach as many social media users as possible. More than 4,800 people like our Facebook Fanpage alone, and we use that audience to reach new buyers every day with great success.

Our Photos Help Capture the Highlights of Your Home

Through the years we’ve shown thousands of homes to potential buyers. We know what features buyers are looking for in a home. We’ll help you highlight those features. In addition to the obvious benefits of having as many photos of your home as possible, there are hidden benefits as well. The more photos your home has, the higher it shows up in many online search pages and websites, so the more photos the merrier. We can help with suggestions on how to capture the most photogenic features of your property when we meet with you.


Our listings appear on the search pages of other local brokers small and large so that their buyers see your home too. Trulia, Zillow,, etc. – we use them all. We like to spread the word about your house and make every effort to ensure our listings show up in every place a buyer could be searching. Working with buyers’ agents is an important part of doing business in today’s world. Spreading the word to neighboring brokers and agents and allowing them to show off your house on their sites encourages maximum traffic for you. The more buyers who walk through the door of your home- the higher the chances of getting your home sold as quickly as possible for the highest price possible.


We have an extensive email list of past and potential buyers and local agents that we contact about your home. Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end when they close on the sale or purchase of a home. We stay in contact after the sale and form lasting relationships with as many people as possible. Often, those people who know and trust us will tell their friends when they hear about a home that is a match, leading to a sale for you.


Old-School Door Knocking

While the internet, social media and other forms of advertising are fabulous, we know that real-time interaction helps to sell your home. Talking to your neighbors, who are already invested in your neighborhood and the success of your sale, is vital. A quick sale for top dollar is good for your neighbors as well as you! Meeting your neighbors helps to sell your home, and we love meeting new people!


Aero City Realty is a member of both the Cincinnati and Dayton MLS. We put our listings in both for max exposure. We also use the Homesnap App which allows buyers to find info about your home by driving by and taking a photo of your property. There are so many ways buyers can receive instant photo and info on your home, which gets more of them inside your door!

Ready to know more? Contact Us or you can call/text us at 513-255-0826